Vanity Planet Vibe Flat Iron

A flat iron is something I need in my house at all times! While most days I wear my hair wavy, I do straighten my hair 1-2x a week as well! Finding a straightener I like is sometimes difficult because I find some are very harsh on my hair. Vanity Planet has released their new... Continue Reading →

Allure Beauty Box – June 2019

The Allure Beauty Box subscription has easily became one of my favorites. I signed up in December 2018 and have been pretty happy every single month! I've been able to try a lot of brands that I've been curious about and I love the fact that they are smaller sizes. I love mini sizes as... Continue Reading →

2018 Beauty Faves!

Lets talk some of my favorite beauty products I tried this year! Not all will be pictured and listed, but quite a few from makeup, skincare, and hair products! I may have some stuff in the photos that I will not elaborate on as well, only because there is so much pictured! Feel free to... Continue Reading →

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