Vanity Planet Vibe Flat Iron

A flat iron is something I need in my house at all times! While most days I wear my hair wavy, I do straighten my hair 1-2x a week as well! Finding a straightener I like is sometimes difficult because I find some are very harsh on my hair. Vanity Planet has released their new... Continue Reading →

Makeup Removers

Happy Friyay, everyone! I've been brainstorming and planning 1 blog post a week, a month in advance, so I feel more motivated! This week I thought I would showcase my favorite makeup removing balms + a jelly makeup remover! Why? Well, as I know my followers are beauty obsessed like me, we all need some... Continue Reading →

Allure Beauty Box – June 2019

The Allure Beauty Box subscription has easily became one of my favorites. I signed up in December 2018 and have been pretty happy every single month! I've been able to try a lot of brands that I've been curious about and I love the fact that they are smaller sizes. I love mini sizes as... Continue Reading →

Henne Organics Lip Care

Lets talk lip care today! What kind of products do you use to take care of yours? I love masks, sugar scrubs, and tinted treatments. Henne Organics creates luxury, certified organic, and Swedish inspired lip care. The products are made in America and cruelty free! I've been testing out their lip mask, lip tint in... Continue Reading →

Heres To A Positive September!

Hello September, you arrived fast! Does anyone else feel like 2018 has flew by so far? Anyways, I would like to welcome September with a warm and open heart! August was very rough for me mentally. My anxiety and depression had been out of control and after a week now, I am starting to feel... Continue Reading →

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